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Social & Content

Here you can see some projects that linked
social content, brands and the outside world.

Good Night
The sleepy Spotify page

we created a Spotify page that include bedtime podcasts stories, songs for falling asleep
and cover songs.
Agency: web 3

Sitting in a Citroen is like...
As part of the new language that talks about the euphoric feeling of sitting in a Citroen, we created an activity that calls people to create memes that compare that feeling to another euphoric moment in their lives.
Agency: web 3

Image 4.jpg

The 'Never' Square
During the covid period, we created an activity for Vodka Van Gogh that calls people to gather in Dizengoff Square and play the biggest 'NEVER' game played in Israel.
Agency: Web 3

כיכר נבר.jpg

Random work

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