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The brief we received prior to the graduation exhibition was for the "March of Heroism" organization, which works for Holocaust survivors in Israel with the help of various volunteers and in promoting a change of consciousness that will recognize Holocaust survivors as heroes.

Our mission was to create a campaign that would lead to the recruitment of volunteers who would come and visit Holocaust survivors in their homes while in addition and not in a secondary way the goal is to promote and brand the Holocaust survivors as heroes.


עמוד 1.jpg

The audience was targeted at adults aged 35-55 who live in a community environment.

Thus when we formulated the strategy we assumed that the target audience has a large share of families with children.

Our insight was that older people would tend to volunteer for community projects when they were in the presence of their children as an educational and close-knit act.

That is why for us the USP is the intimate environment between parents and their children.

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We decided to create a card game for parents and children. "The Heroism & Memory Game" is actually a memory game consisting of pairs of cards, one card has a portrait of a hero, including his name and city of residence, and the other card has one sentence that tells the story of his heroism.
The object of the game is to match two cards that belong to one hero when during the game we introduce the participants to the heroes and invite them to reserve a visit at them.
The heroes in the "The Heroism & Memory Game" - are real Holocaust survivors, heroes who were, and still are.

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In the first stage, we will launch a campaign on social media in order to advertise the game as a response to the need for family activities in addition to the opportunity of meeting real heroes.
The visual language is inspired by comic books from the middle of the 20th century and the colorfulness is based on the color palette of 'Superman', all to appeal to young populations and to give survivors the appearance of heroes.

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On the packaging of the game we will tell the participants about the possibility of meeting the heroes of the game and we will call them to scan the barcode to make sure that they were right in matching the card pairs.

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After the participants scan the barcode they arrive at a landing page where the story of the hero is told.
At the bottom of the page there's a possibility to reserve a visit.

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After the visit is scheduled, we will send an SMS message with the details of the visit plus a 1 + 1 benefit for purchasing a cake during the visit.

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We will set up an Instagram page for the project where participants can tag us so that we can upload them to the page.

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